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Stop chasing a title and be who you are called to be

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

"Who are you called to be? What are you called to do?"...

Many of us have asked the questions, why am I here? What is my purpose? What am I suppose to be doing?

Believe it or not these are some very common questions. Everyone have been curious of their existence and calling in the world at least once in a life time, myself, something like 99 times...

Don't be shy, It's absolutely NORMAL. It may not come up as much in an everyday conversation but It definitely crosses our minds. When I had gotten fed up with felling lost and unfulfilled I turned to God. It was my only option. I knew that only my creator could tell me my calling and I had exhausted all my attempts to do so on my own, Nothing would satisfy me.

After much needed decluttering of people, places and things that no longer served me and cultivating a new thought pattern I had began to see clearly the signs of my gifts, talents and calling. I was just bounded in my past and needed to be set free so that I could see what God was seeing in me all alone, after all, He did knit me in my mothers' womb with a purpose and plan to prosper me. [NIV, Psalms 139:13]

It took my willingness to grow closer to God and be a willing vessel for me to truly be who I am called to be. I'm more than sure that God didn't intend for you to live aimlessly or confused either. He created you with a plan in mind and He desires that you desire to cultivate that seed of purpose and blossom into the beautiful flower He has created you to be.

Start off with a sincere prayer asking God to reveal His plans for you and be willing to make the necessary changes as He instructs you to. I'm proud of you because I know that you can do it and you don't have to worry because He is with you, along with the Viable living community too!

Discover and activate your potential!


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