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You are capable of living a successful life

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

"the success the world cannot give and the world cannot take away"...

What's going on?... I know what you are doing, You're out here being great!

Going to work, school, being a homemaker, vacationing, laying across your bed reading a book. I don't know exactly but I'm sure you're being great, that's the awesome thing about social media we get to see so much greatness that we would've never been exposed to otherwise. Today I want you to think about your definition of success!?

Whatever it is just know you deserve it and you're capable of receiving everything you desire, however, there are 3 major keys to success that you must apply to your life to cut back on unnecessary stumbling blocks and many forget about it or just simply do not know, it will save you so much depression and anxiety...

Society tells us to chase the external things in life like Cars, Clothes, Vacations, Validation, Acceptance, and how to consume all sorts of things to be happy but those things are temporary satisfaction.

The word of God gives us Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom for our everyday life decisions. This is exactly what I needed to remove unnecessary strong holds and grow in so many areas in my life.

Jesus came to give us the keys to the Kingdom, Which is Peace, Love, Joy, Meekness, Long-suffering, Kindness, and Patience.

This is what prepares us for success in life so that we can steward our blessings and responsibilities.

Whatever we gain or lose will be understood as a season of change, we will not be moved by people, places and things but we will be strong in the Spirit and have dominion over the things of the earth.

Take time to grow strong spiritually in God so that you will be prepared and able to sustain the success that is ordained for you, the success and joy that the world cannot give and the world cannot take away!

Be Blessed !



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