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That's not who I am, that's what I've done!

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

"Someone Opinion about what you've done doesn't matter"...

As a believer I have noticed that condemnation is running wild in the body of Christ. Many are having a hard time being confident in their new identity due to previous relationships and their past.

I was one of them. It seemed like every time I would go around people I knew they would bring up my past as if there was nothing going on presently that was worth while having a conversation about, It bothered me and also became a stumbling block.

'Boy oh boy' do I Thank God for the Holy Spirit, God will not allow us the fall without a lesson, He needed me to be secure in my identity and okay with my past too. You see God do not save us and clean us up to be perfect but to show others that we can be saved and transformed by His grace.

I said all this to say, Don't be ashamed about your past, embrace it!

Some people can only relate to the old you but don't allow that to make you give up on the new you.

Everything that you have experience have been the building blocks for the wisdom, clarity and faith you need to behold the brighter future that God has planned for you long before He knitted you in your mothers womb, Long before you decided you were going to do what was best for you and realized your best wasn't cutting it but God had something better...

God had plans and although our plans may have caused us to detour it all works out for the good of those who love the Lord.

Your Past was necessary!


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