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Some moves only you can make!

Many times in life we find ourselves stuck in life not knowing which way to go, waiting on someone to point us in the right direction.

Our life is like a game of chess. We all have someone in our life whether it's your parent, teacher, friend or even God who will initiate an idea, opinion or an opportunity that will change your life but on the other side of that opinion is your decision, you have to make the decision to which way your going to move.

This decision should stem from your core values and mindset and when we find ourselves stuck we have to get to the root of situation. This may look like asking yourself, Am what I am doing still in alignment with what I believe and where I am going? In terms of what I believe spiritually and what I believe and know about myself because if those things are connected then I can make a decision that I most likely won't regret but if those things aren't then I'm stuck. I'm stuck trying to be someone I'm not, doing something that doesn't align with my purpose or exploring something that I'm not called to.

If you are feeling stuck then you are most likely just stuck between making a decision in life that you are either going to move forward with something or walk away from it and you have to make a decision because whatever you choose to do remember their is someone on the other side waiting on you to step into your divine assignment.

Many times in the bible we see that the decision to go forth with Gods plan was always attached to a nation of people who lives would be changed as a result of the servant making a decision in alignment with Gods plan.

Whichever decision you decide to make I pray that you make a peaceful decision, a decision that is intentionally connected to your purpose.

The Time is NOW!


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