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Don't let your past be your prison

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

" Take God for His word (the promise) or don't take it at all"...

We all have a past and many times our past is still as close as the present, We tend to hold onto what hurt us because it makes us strong not knowing that it also can be a stronghold.

Holding us back from our future...

At age 16 I was raped twice and a year later I became pregnant at 17, than by 18 I found myself in a domestic violence relationship getting black eyes only to go back to him hours later. I held all this pain in for almost 10 years thinking I was being strong when in reality I was I'm bondage. Bondage of not knowing who I am and what I was truly capable of.

After living in that darkness for years I got tired of living life aimlessly, I knew it had to be more to life than working and paying bills, I knew there was a greater purpose in life and so I did only what I knew to do and that was seek God. He showed me that the enemy was dangling my past over my head to keep me stuck so that I couldn't see the possibilities of my future but when I made the decision to believe what God said about me and replace the mind limitations with the promises of God my life changed forever.. it was then when I began to see my capabilities and I was able to turn my past into purpose.

I realized I had to be the woman that I needed, someone I needed to relate to, I need to be the women to encourage other woman that God has a plan for you and you don't have to suffer in your truth but you can be free, delivered from the enemies plans and help free someone else.

Today, I want to encourage someone else, don't let your past be your prison, but allow God to turn your pain into purpose and make the decision to share your testimony and shine your light...

We cannot change our past but we can cultivate a better future. A meaningful future that not only helps us but give someone else hope to overcome as well.

Push past the limitations!


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