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Don't give opposition any attention!

Sometimes you may be the only one brave enough to step off the boat... Matthew 14: 22-33

When you are in a place of growth in your faith there is always opposition pulling on you, people around you comfortable in mediocrity, emotions going wild, your children acting up, conflict on your job, this is the time to see it and don't see it, keep your eyes on Jesus, pray about it and keep moving bc the enemy wants you to settle where it's comfortable. He wants you to give up and forget about your BIG God. Whatever you are facing I want you to know that it may seem like it's there to discourage you, confuse you and plain out detour you from your destiny. Keep your trust in God!

Some of the most frightening things are actually there to build our faith. The word of God says the good and the bad works together for those who love the Lord. Faith is believing it'll all work out even though you feel like you are sinking deeper and deeper in life. Remember, God will not forsake you at the perfect time He will restore you in your proper place.

It's very common that every time we encounter a new idea, change of lifestyle, Career and so on we can allow fear to creep in if we don't keep our mind on the vision and know that we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us, even the hard things. I realize that we can win a good fight if our life is on the line or our livelihood, so it says a lot about the champion within. If you have a strong why, you know who you are and you are determined to walk in your purpose you'll grow the confidence to take it by force, you realize that God plan is the best plan and although it don't look pretty now if you keep believing it, He will complete what He has started.

In your obedience to complete the assignment that God has set before you I encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and don't give opposition any attention. DON'T DOUBT, DON'T GIVE IN, DON'T LOOK BACK... Keep your head up and your eyes on the vision and task at hand. Don't give any worry to yesterday because yesterday is gone and tomorrow has its own worries, make the best out of your now!

Trust God and Step Out in the Deep!


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