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Don't despise hard times

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

" You are capable of living a life of "growing through" instead of "going through"...

Many times we can get so comfortable with things going well and the minute our season change we find ourselves upset, depressed and in our feelings...

Well I want to tell you it is possible to live a life of "growing through" instead of "going through". I can relate to the emotions and pain of changes with uncertainty, changes that come when you are living your best life. You feel that everything is going well and all of a sudden you get that phone call, that unexpected email from your boss or that negative test result, you are not alone.

We all go through seasons of uncertainty and that by no means dismiss your experience or pain but it do dismiss the fear and anxiety of your outcome.

You will get through this,

You have what it takes,

Better days are coming,

You are stronger than ___,

You have greatness within,

God is with you in the valley, In the pit, In the prison, In the storm and wherever you find yourself, in every season, during the good and the bad. You are not alone.

God desires that we find that new strength, that new strategy, that new opportunity, that blessing in the mist of the storm.

We have to discover the good in the bad, our emotions won't change it, giving up won't change it so we have to allow it to change us for the better.

Grow through it !


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